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Green 2 Green is a new generation of fast food. Created in 2020, Green 2 Green is a French-Swiss concept born from the desire to consume differently and to offer goods that are 100% organic, healthy, and tasty. We offer products to eat in or for take away, varied gourmet recipes healthy and balanced. Green 2 Green is also the first chain of organic restaurants with buildings that are low carbon and certified.

We have integrated cutting-edge technologies from the very start. Whether in the design of buildings, recycling management or the design of packaging, we have conceived a complete ecosystem to limit the carbon footprint and offer a modern and pleasant environment in which employees and customers can feel great.

Become a franchisee

01. Application


Upon receipt of your application, we make an appointment together in our offices. During this first meeting, you will explain your project and we will introduce you to our brand.

02. Discovery day


At the end of this meeting, we offer you a “discovery day” in one of our fast-food restaurants (closest to your location), which will allow you to approach our concept, participate in a “typical” day of a G2G fast-food restaurant (preparation of products, service, sales, customer reception).

03. Interview and validation


After this day, we meet again to share your experience and validate your application.

04. Launch


The adventure within Green 2 Green begins!

A Green 2 Green restaurant is…

A compelling concept that seduces through its modernity.

An awareness of the changing consumption habits of customers.

Complete transparency and traceability of our products.

A growing organic market in full expansion.

The 3rd location to spend time between home and work.

A simple, flexible, warm setting that belongs to its customers.

An ultra-connected and accessible concept for all.

A concept in constant flux to differentiate itself.

The partner of your success


Before the opening

Help in finding a location
- Contact with our national partners (business plan, broker, construction...)
- Help with search for financing
- Assistance with the development plan
- Initial theoretical and practical training (3 weeks)

During the opening

- Support to the opening on site (5 days)
- Implementation of management tools
- Advice on local media strategy

After the opening

- Regular visits to the point of sale
- Support with operational issues
- Animation, communication, commercial offers, and product offers